Maker Meet-up - Northeast Minnesota


Hello! You found Maker Meet-up - Northeast Minnesota!


What is Maker Meet-up?

Maker Meet-up is a scheduled meet-up for makers of all types to work on their project in a casual, shared space.
The goal is to create a local community of creative individuals, gain inspiration, feed our creativity, and to get outside of the house even for a short amount of time!

All too often being a creative is an isolating thing. Art created in solitude without opportunity to share in the wonderful experience with others.


If you've ever wanted to be a part of an artistic community and:

  • Chat with other artists
  • See what people are working on
  • Ask each other questions
  • Or just sit silently near people and work 

This is what I'm looking to accomplish with this group!

*Currently there are no lessons or supplies provided.


A few rules:

  • Be kind and respectful of others
  • Be respectful of the space
  • No unaccompanied minors

I'm hoping those will be all that is necessary. 


Next meet-up:

Thursday June 20th
4pm - 7pm
St. Paul Lutheran Church
1705 Wilson Ave, Cloquet MN 55720


**Maker Meet-up - Northeast Minnesota is in no way affiliated with St. Paul Lutheran Church nor does it have any other religious affiliations. 
A member of their church is simply providing us with the space for this event.


Who am I and why do I care?

My name is Elizabeth Christie (she/her) and I am a maker of all kinds. Many people call me Bitzer and so you may know me as that, a nickname since I was itzy bitzy.....bitzer. (Apparently it made sense when I was a baby).

I am the owner and artist behind a website I have been running for a few years now. I sell my creations (jewelry, accessories, art, DIY kits, and more) at pop up sales and shops typically in the Duluth area but open to expanding! 

I have dabbled in just about every craft imaginable but currently I love:

collage, mixed media, paper art of any kind, digital illustration / doodling, using my laser cutter whenever possible.

I care because I love art and what it brings to the world. More than that, I love connecting with other creatives and I don't think there is enough opportunity or space to do so in our area!


Why I wanted to create Maker Meet-up:

  • The desire to meet other creatives
  • Become connected to my community
  • Fill my creative well with the inspiration and energy of others
  • Have a reason to leave the house
  • See and talk to people other than my dog




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Or click around the site to see my work and more information about me!